Saturday, November 13, 2010

chain is broken, but i'm back

well i haven't blogged since wednesday so i have blogged every day. i'm catching up though. i'm excited to announce that i have lost 3 more pounds for a total of 7.2 pounds!!! i'm eating a lot of salads but that's ok. once i get more in tune with what i'm doing, i'll be more creative about my meals.

i got some things done today that i've been putting off for a long time. i finally went through some papers that i needed to decide whether to shred or keep. the shred stack definitely won. i switched my pocketbook over to the fall/winter vera bradley one. i've also cleaned up a little bit around my desk. i want to get it where i can rearrange my room soon. i'm shooting for thanksgiving weekend because i'll be off for 4 days.

more later on....gotta go eat dinner soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

rough first day!

today was the first day of my phc plan. i was not prepared at all. i was hungry a couple of times, but i stuck to the plan and didn't eat what i wasn't supposed to eat. i went to the grocery store after work and stocked up on stuff. i've got a game plan is a good thing. tomorrow i'm going out to lunch with a friend and already know what i'm ordering...a salad. plus i'm meeting the ladies at panera so i'm going to eat a salad before i go. i'll only have a coffee with skim milk when i get there. i'm going to take a fat-free pudding with me for dessert.

i've got to add the exercise in. i haven't been motivated to do so. i know it will help me lose the weight plus tone up.

i'm going now....kind of tired. i did find out my iron was still on the low side when i had my labwork reviewed. i'll have to make a trip back to dr v's to have the more extensive iron bloodwork done.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a little overwhelming

i went for orientation for phc weight loss. i do have to say that it is a little bit overwhelming at first. i was definitely not prepared food-wise. i have to go to the store tomorrow and get my food for the remainder of the work week. the weekend will be ok i think. i told mom that i will probably do my food on my own for a little bit to get oriented to planning ahead. lunch is pretty much taken care of with salads and various protein (chicken, shrimp, or turkey). i want to be creative with what i have so i don't become bored with it.

the one thing i'm curious about is the parsley tea. it's a natural diuretic and is supposed to help me flush out toxins. i've heard it takes getting used to, but you mix it up with tea or sugar free lemonade, etc. i'm supposed to have 4 eight ounce glasses of the parsley tea per day and 8 eight ounce glasses of water. whew! lots of fluid to intake there!!! i'll do fine though. i'm pumped about this program.

well, i'm keeping it short and sweet tonight. i'll follow up on my meal plans, etc. later on.


Monday, November 8, 2010

tomorrow is going to be fun!

i go for orientation tomorrow at phc weight loss. i'm really looking forward to it. i know it sounds silly to be so excited about losing weight, but i really feel this is going to be the ticket. i filled out all my paperwork and just have to meet with the counselor tomorrow. fun times will be had by

one of the ladies at work who is on the program told me to eat everything i wanted tonight. she said everything else was going to be bland. i'm not looking at it in that light. i'm looking to be focused and work hard to finally lose the weight and get back in shape. i'll update tomorrow as to all the wonderful details!!

i'm going to go. i have some knitting i need to finish up.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

much better today

i think i'm over whatever it was i had yesterday. i went to bed around 9 and slept most all night long. i woke up briefly probably around 3 or so, stumbled to the restroom and then back to bed.

i watched part of one of my favorite movies this morning...the professional. it is one of those weird, quirky, violent movies that i prefer to watch alone. mom and dad came home so i changed the channels. i didn't want them to ask me questions about it, etc. like i said, it's one i like to watch alone...can't explain why. i'm like that about kill bill, vols 1 & 2 and mad men. i like to have the quiet of the house to myself, the cats sleeping and control of the remote. especially when mad men is new for the season, i don't even attempt to watch it while they or janelle is home. i'm weird, i know.

believe it or not, i'm kind of excited to get back to work tomorrow. i know i will get the one recon finished because i finished up the hard part on friday afternoon. i'm going to work really hard to get all of them knocked out this week and work on the new one i got last month for the other companies. i'm proud of what i've accomplished this year. the one thing i need to really work hard on is keeping my emotions in check. i think the podcasts i'm listening to are helping with that. like i said the other day, i'm calmer at work and not being as aggravated about things that were bothering me before.

on tuesday i go meet with my weight loss counselor. i'm very excited about that. i'll get my meal plans, vitamins, and other materials to get started. i plan on going to the y at least 3 days this week, preferably 5. i know it will help me with my weight loss as well as get my knees back to feeling better.

well, i'm going now. got email, etc. to follow up on.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is it flu or just a little bit of side effects from the shot?

I took a flu shot yesterday for the first time. Not feeling so great today...had a slight fever earlier. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Friday, November 5, 2010

yay!! it's friday!!!!

today went by pretty quick at work. i didn't get in 'til late because i had a dr appointment to follow up on my knee. i'm to go back in 6 months to see if things get any better. it's not hurting quite as much lately. dr h did advise that the more i exercise, the better it will be. that's in the plan starting next week. i go to phc weight loss for orientation and will add back the workout session at the y.

i had a flu shot for the first time ever. i felt a little weird, but for the most part i'm ok. i haven't really had a headache or got sick to my stomach like some have advised would happen. i have been sleepy and will probably go to bed in a few minutes.

one of the things i've noticed over the last few days is i have been a little calmer about things at work. i've been listening alternately each night to 2 sets of podcasts that i downloaded from i-tunes. they are both by a lady named stin. one is called meditation station and the other is my thought coach. i play them at bedtime and feel i'm "absorbing" some of the coping techniques within the podcasts. there is one called "work detox". i think that has been most

i've also downloaded some on procrastination. i'm at the beginning of the podcasts which the professor began recording back in 2006. it's been pretty interesting so far.

well time to turn in. i'll see y'all tomorrow.